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All over the world, quality management laboratories are under enormous pressure to do an ever-increasing amount of work with fewer employees and at lower cost. This situation is emphasized by the fact that regulations are becoming more complex and stringent. For close to 30 years, SIMATIC IT Unilab has been a reference in the industry serving as a benchmark for highly configurable LIMS systems for the CPG/Process industry.

Realize the Paperless Lab

Much more than laboratory information management software, it is a complete quality management system. Unliab offers high performance functionality to handle all lab activities in the most effective and least time-consuming manner.

Reduced Scrap & Rework

Unilab bridges the gap between the lab and production. It supports the shift from off-line analysis to at-line quality checks during production with immediate feedback to the plant. This optimizes decision-support, corrective action and drastically reduces scrap and rework.

Integrated Quality Management

In smaller lab environments or as an enterprise Laboratory Information System (LIMS), Unilab is one of the world’s leading LIMS solutions. Unilab has proven its reliability at a large number of multinational companies.

Cost Effective Compliance

Unilab offers functionality to support direct customer interaction, immediate cost calculation for analysis requests and automated invoicing. This reduces the number of entry-errors, decreases administrative workload for the lab staff, and increases customer satisfaction.

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The Paperless Lab

SIMATIC IT Unilab is your next generation LIMS for a paperless lab environment. Use any browser for optimum lab automation for quality, R&D and service labs.

Works On Any Device

Quality on the go!

SIMATIC IT Unilab is fully web-based. No application downloads or installations are required to start using the software, and it is completely device-, brand-, and platform-independent. Accessing data and functionality is possible through any HTML5 web browser (Internet Explorer®, Safari®, Chrome™, Firefox®).

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KAASM™ is a Siemens Industry PLM Software partner that helps customers solve their manufacturing execution and quality challenges with technology.

Continuous Improvement

Providing accuracy and consistency to your quality control, assurance and compliance requirements.


Helping customers reduce lab administration time and the cost of compliance.

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SIMATIC IT Unilab enables and ensures that quality is not sacrificed because of today’s fast paced environments.

Trevor Backlin, Director


It all starts with Unilab’s user friendly, feature rich launch pad.


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